Pre-Exercises Warm Up

Before you start, you have to warm-up your penis. The warm-up will make the penis more elastic and thus more susceptible to the effects of the jelqing or stretching. Also, the warm-up reduces the risk of injuries, in our case small (harmless) bruises. If you’re training (or have been training) some sort of sport actively, you’ll surely recognize the methodology in this.

The warm-up can be performed in two ways. You either choose the way you instictively prefer, or you “feel your way”. One of the ways to do it is by using hot wraps. Take a small towel, lay it in hot water for a while, and then wrap it around your penis. The warm-up will take about 5-10 minutes, and it shall be orderly and intensively performed.

When you feel that the towel is becoming lukewarm, you repeat the procedure with the towel in the hot water. This way of warming up is in my opinion pretty uncomfortable and boring, but it seems to be the most popular method. The towel should be so hot that it’s almost exceeding your pain threshold. Just take it easy, and don’t burn yourself. As long as you aren’t putting the towel in boiling water before wrapping it around your penis, you should be safe from burning yourself.

The other way to warm-up is using a simple shower. Now, we don’t mean that you should shower your whole body, you’re going to shower your penis only, and just so you know your penis tolerates a lot more than you think. So you can turn the water up to a temperature which is higher than what your other parts of your body could tolerate. Start off with intermediate hot (lukewarm if you feel frozen) and turn the temperature up step by step. In the end it should be real hot.

The advantage of using this way is that you avoid “cold moments” (like when your heating up the towel again or stretching after you’ve taken it away). Another good advantage using this method are for those who are not living alone and don’t want the other ones to know what they’re doing… But it can be hard to lock yourself in everyday for so long time, people might start asking what you’re doing.

One disadvantage using the shower is that high temperature is in no way good for your testicles. So try to as little as possible expose them both for hot wraps and hot flowing water.



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