Facts About Penis Size

We may have come a long way in our sexual views over the last few decades, but the difference between how we looked at our penis back in the day and how we view them now has changed very little – bigger is still perceived to be better!

You’ll notice I said ‘perceived’ – meaning that what many men think and what is actually the case may (and often is) be different. Penis size is a big deal for so many of us that we’ve invented wild (and yet highly effective) methods for increasing it! From the stretching techniques and devices used by native people in centuries past, to the modern medical miracles in plastic surgery and new tissue growth, we humans have a remarkable ability to modify what nature has given us!

So what about what nature has given us?

Natural Penis Development

As it turns out, genetics are the main determining factor in your eventual penis size. Most boys enter puberty between age 10 and 14, gaining penis size after the testicles enlarge and ‘drop’ lower in the scrotum (the sack). By the time we reach about 17 or 18, our penis will have reached its mature size, starting first with length and then thickness. Variation in and around this age range is very normal, as every human body develops at different speeds.

Some young men become distressed when they learn that they’re ‘behind the class’ in maturation, thinking that perhaps their penis isn’t up to par. They get upset. They worry that their penis is too small. But again, every body develops differently so the lads with the adult penises are simply ahead of the rest by a year or two. Given the proper time, every healthy male will eventually gain their normal, genetically determined adult penis size. It’s a waiting game.

For those few men who have not gained their full adult penis size, the size can be gained through traction devices like these that stimulate the penis to produce new tissue, effectively lengthening the penis over time. Physicians have used traction for treating a number of different physical conditions, and the method has a well documented success record.

While it is hard to tell the size the erect adult penis will be when it is soft, and especially before it has finished growing. Not only that, but the adult penis also varies a lot between men. While young men are eager to know how they ‘measure up’, it isn’t until possibly as late as their early twenties before the penis is fully finished changing. You need to have stopped growing in overall body height before the penis length stops changing. At that point, a more accurate measure can be made.

Real Penis Length

Many men worry that their penis is too small. Some physicians and clinics take in tons of emails to this effect, almost making it a national obsession! Each man wishes they could be just an inch or two longer.

Penis length has little to do with either virility or attractiveness to women. In fact many women say they don’t even care what length their man’s penis is, but most men don’t listen to this. They go on believing what they want to no matter what they hear or read. Perhaps it’s the comparison they made to their father or brothers at a young age, wondering if they’d ever be that big, and wanting to be a big man meant having a penis much larger than they did at the time.

Here are some well documented facts about penis length that should help out. The non-erect penis usually measures between 3 and 4 inches from base to tip of the head. Some men fall above this number, others below. But this too varies, even with things like temperature, as the penis is a vascular organ (heavily centered on blood flow), and can vary a great deal in its soft state over a day.

The erect penis of the average man should measure around 6 inches, with the vast majority of men measuring and inch and a half longer or shorter. It should be noted that height and shoe size have little if anything to do with penis size, according to most of the research. Tall men with large shoe sizes are just as likely to have a short penis as a shorter man.

Another thing to realize is that not every flaccid (soft) penis shows its potential. Some men’s penis appears small when soft, only to balloon into a full 8 inches when erect. The same goes for longer penises that may hang nearly 5 inches when soft, but only grow to 6½ inches when erect. These are just two examples of what is common, and any physician can confirm these facts.

The ‘Fit’

One of the facts that men appear to forget regularly is that no matter how long your penis is, the vagina is designed to fit it perfectly. What does this mean? Well, the average vagina is about 3 inches long (pre childbirth), and when aroused to high sexual excitement extends to about 4 inches, so almost any man will fit perfectly.

Not only that, but the woman’s vagina is so well crafted that if it needs to (with proper arousal and conditioning) it can stretch to up to 200% to accommodate him! This means that nearly every woman can accommodate nearly every man’s size perfectly, and that having a longer penis doesn’t mean a thing as far as compatibility goes. A man with a 5 inch erection can satisfy the same woman as well as one with an 8 inch penis, in terms of size. The rest is all a matter of preference.

The Medical Side

If you still have concerns about your penis size, and think their may be something someone can do for you, first go see your family physician. If you have a problem with seeing your GP about such things, go to see a licensed urologist – a specialist in the sexual organs. They spend their entire careers looking at penises, and have a very good idea of what is normal or not.

Some men go so far as to seek surgical changes, so great is their desire for a larger penis. Not only is this possibly the most expensive way to go, but also likely the most dangerous. There is now a body of evidence that shows these surgeries can go horribly wrong, even with the best in the field. Some men just don’t heal right, while others simply choose the wrong surgeon and end up needing restorative surgery to put things back to normal.

Far better is to try almost any other penis enhancement method before resorting to surgery. Traction devices are probably the best of the currently available methods, although certain exercises may also produce similar tissue-building effects if done properly.



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